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EMEROS Project – Euro MEditerranean Registry of OSteoporosis



Project Description:

The Euro Mediterranean Bio-Medical Scientific Institute (ISBEM, Brindisi, Italy) has launched a pilot project for the disease management of osteoporosis, which is aimed at the prevention of fragility fractures through the early identification of people at higher risk through the use of phalangeal QUS and the collection of clinical risk factors in the R.O.I.S. registry (Ionian and Salento Osteoporosis Registry) which represents the first section of the EMEROS (Euro Mediterranean Registry of Osteoporosis), acknowledged as official commitment by the European Commission Action Group on Active and Health Ageing. The registry has started in 2009 thanks to a strong cooperation between ISBEM researchers and physicians from the Local Health Authorities ASL Brindisi, ASL Taranto and ASL Lecce (limited to the hospital of Gallipoli, Division of Orthopedics and Traumatology). This first section of the registry is of particular interest because Salento sub-region represents the “oldest” area of Apulia and Italy.

The first section of EMEROS already includes 10,193 patients: 8,372 postmenopausal women, 866 pre-menopausal women and 948 male subjects. The first sections consists in all subjects from southern Apulia (provinces of Brindisi, Taranto and Lecce).


Below the centers that have confirmed their participation:

ISBEM Brindisi - Dr Prisco Piscitelli (OSTEOLAB)

Ospedale San Pietro Fatebenefratelli-Roma - Prof. Alberto Migliore;

Dipartimento di Prevenzione ASL Lecce;

Laboratorio di ricerca interdisciplinare applicata alla medicina “DREAM” Lecce;

Medicina Futura group, Napoli;

 “Odisea” Klinike, Gjirokaster - Albania;

 Dr. Athanasios Georgiadis - Dr. Petro Kiritsis - Greece;

 Nova Medical School , Universidade nova de Lisboa - Dr. Fernando Santos.

How does EMEROS work?

The access to the web platform is restricted to the Operating Units directly involved in planning activities for the elaboration of the data collected and in the integrated management of osteoporosis.
Each enabled user can access the registry, after entering personal authentication data (username and password), previously received.
When username and password has been entered successfully, the system will automatically redirect the user on the presentation page
Through the WEB interface of the EMEROS registry, the users you can perform the following operations, by accessing the relevant sections through the navigation menu on the right of the layout:

  • View the presentation section of the registry (Home Page);
  • Input/search/editing of patients through the electronic form accessible from the specific section;
  • Editing patient personal data and insertion/editing patient medical record, through the specific section;
  • Input/editing data of a specific Medical Record selected (sub-sections "Risk Factors", "Medical History", "Fractures", "M.O.C.", "Therapy");
  • Change the password required for authentication and the access to the registry through the specific section;
  • Log out and exit from the registry through the specific section in order to properly close each work session.