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Isbem turns 16: Happy Birthday ISBEM!!!

With an affectionate thanks to FOUNDERS

(Prof. Angelo RIZZO and Prof. Mario CAMPA have left us) 

and with the best wishes to ANYONE who was, are and will be

committed to grow it with talent, passion and perseverance,

following the ways of the RESEARCH and EDUCATION for the

purpose of care and service quality. 


Alessandro Distante, President


ISBEM Founders, Giovanni SEMERARO, Domenico LAGRAVINESE,
Angelo Gino RIZZO, Paolo CAVALIERE and Mario CAMPA - Brindisi 25/05/1999
Professor Mario CAMPA, 1° President of ISBEM - Brindisi 25/05/1999
Dr. Domenico LAGRAVINESE, 1° Vice President ISBEM, Director of Brindisi ASL
and Specialist of Hygiene and Public Health
Professor Angelo Gino RIZZO, Dean of Lecce University - 25/05/1999
Dr.Giovanni SEMERARO, Director of Banca del Salento - 25/05/1999
Professor Paolo CAVALIERE, PASTIS_CNRSM President and Professor of Phisics
at the University of Lecce - 25/05/1999